ExCel Process - Emerald Enhancement Gemstone Treatment

Using state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals, Clarity Enhancement Laboratory (CEL) has developed the ExCel Process- an emerald enhancement guaranteed for life.

ExCel is a polymer with the refractive index similar to an emerald. It is capable of withstanding ultrasonic baths, steam cleaning and the re-polishing process without any changes to its appearance. It is also removable if needed without any adverse effect to its host stone.

Due to the great stability of the ExCel Process, retail and manufacturing jewelers can sell their emeralds with the confidence that their beauty and luster will give their owners a lifetime of enjoyment.


The ExCel Process, Emerald Enhancement, Gemstone TreatmentConfidence in the ExCel Process


  • A lifetime guarantee emerald enhancement.
  • Our process withstands ultrasonic baths, steam cleaning & re-polishing without any adverse effect to the host stone.
  • State-of-the-art equipment & experienced professionals.
  • Dedicated to the consumer with field research & gem certification.

    CEL is dedicated to the needs of the industry and is working hard with the gemological community, assisting them in the identification of the ExCel Process for your certification needs.

    Our research and development department continues to pursue solutions of the needs of clarity enhancement of other gem stones.